• Image of Owl Plush Doll or Decorative Pillow - Made to Order

If you looking for a one of a king statement decorative piece for your baby's nursery or your children's room look no further. This Owl Doll is the perfect choice for an owl lover. These cute owl dolls are perfect for your kids to play with as well :)

Each doll is made to order in the color of your choice.

Each doll comes with a secret compartment on its back to hide or store any small item in it.

Approximate measurements:
9" high x 5" wide x 3.25" on the side (23 x 12 x 9cm)

These cute friends are made from upcycled designers fabrics from fabMo (http://www.fabmo.org)

All fabrics are washable so you can clean your little owl friend whenever needed.

The buttons on the wings are stitched to the main body to keep safe and secure in their place.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time. I'll be happy to help you :)